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Cooking tips? Sure. The thrifty kitchen chef will simply freeze or refrigerate leftovers and serve them the next day. The smart and thrifty chef will plan ahead with every meal to make even leftovers seem exciting. For instance, browned ground beef can be tacos one night, hamburgers the next and Frito pies the third night. The texture will feel different and it won't feel like the same-old, same-old every night.

What's a Frito Pie? You mean you've never had ground beef, taco seasoning, shredded cheddar cheese and stuffed it into a snack-sized Frito bag and tossed it in the oven? It's better than you think. But that's the point of creating variety. Get a pair of pie crust shells and make a ground beef pie. It's easy. Just put the seasoned and cooked meat between the pie shells and bake away. You can, quite convincingly, cook a pound or two of ground beef on Monday and have it last to the end of the week without a single person at your table complaining or even suspecting that they're dining on leftovers. It's all in the reinvention process.



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